Barclays launches £100m renewables fund for farmers

The bank’s business arm on Tuesday launched a £100m fund to help farmers finance renewable energy projects, including solar panels, windfarms, hydro plants and organic waste power, as a growing number of agricultural businesses seek to benefit from government support tariffs. “We want to signal very clearly to the market that we consider this to be a big future industry, a big opportunity for agricultural businesses and also a big opportunity for the renewables,”... Read More

Deliver more for less

A topical conversation amongst our political leaders, but what does it mean in marketing… Marketing comes at a price – you can’t stand out from your competition by waving a red flag.  But one way of reducing marketing overheads, whilst retaining the same results is by becoming process driven. What do we mean? All profitable companies grow through establishing effective systems and processes – tried and tested methods that work for them.  For example, let’s discuss... Read More

Survey reveals trade hopes for ‘Green’ business opportunities

Local builders and trades people optimistic about business opportunities of carbon reduction programme, but need for training remains high and the findings clearly present issues, as well as potential opportunities. Research conducted by customer insight specialist 100%Cotton has found that local trades people are broadly optimistic about the business opportunities of carbon reduction measures: a majority (72%) of local builders and trades people are aware of the UK’s Climate... Read More