Position is a passive noun, not an active verb

We all want to position ourselves as the market leader. You can’t position yourself as the leader for a simple reason, ‘no company can position itself as anything.’ You can focus your efforts and your message, which sometimes can influence your position. But position is a place, and someone else puts you there: your prospects. Your prospect will take what information he/she knows about your company and position you accordingly. Position is a passive noun: it’s something... Read More

3 steps to attract leads and boost sales

Here are three steps to attracting more of the clients you want: 1. Create a powerful message that appeals to your ideal clients This could also be thought of as your Unique Selling Proposition (or USP).   So what exactly is that? Basically it’s the solution you provide presented from your ideal client’s viewpoint. In addition to attracting your ideal clients, you’ll also notice this approach will position you as an expert, and people would much rather do business... Read More