Making Contact

I’ve always been cynical about networking events.  The same merry-go-round of people – most of whom are far more interested in selling something than in really finding out about you or your company – all to end up with a wallet full of business cards with contact details that you’ll never use. It’s a confession I’ve never made before.  Perhaps because ‘putting yourself out there’ is such a basic principle of marketing success.  Perhaps because questioning... Read More

The Wind of Change?

Two separate reports published last week came to the same, very welcome conclusion: that it will be possible for offshore wind power to compete with the cost of onshore and biomass energy in the UK by the end of this decade. The two reports – one published by the Crown Estate which manages the sea bed around the UK and the other by the Offshore Wind CRTF (Cost Reduction Task Force) – both predict that the cost of offshore wind energy can be reduced by at least 30% by 2020,... Read More

Are You Ready for Risk?

The tragic death of an Edinburgh man and the continuing plight of the remaining victims of the city’s Legionnaire’s Disease outbreak provide a stark reminder of the hidden dangers that can arise from our built environment. The quality and consistency of health and safety on the UK’s building sites has improved significantly over the past 20 years, but this high profile case of Legionnaire’s Disease begs the question whether enough is done to underpin the health and safety... Read More

Step out of Your Comfort Zone and Experience The Power of PR

As professional marketers, we find that many companies feel comfortable with advertisements, websites and brochures – they know exactly how much bang they’re going to get for their buck and enjoy having complete control of every last detail. PR’s not like that. It relies on finding an angle, standing out in a crowd and letting go of the reigns a little. Often, it requires stepping out of your comfort zone……but the rewards for taking that step can be substantial. The... Read More