The Big Reveal

So, after months of keeping us guessing, Danny Boyle has finally been able to reveal what’s in store for us this evening when the team of volunteers, performers and public servants finally take centre stage for the Olympics opening ceremony. Putting a film director in charge – and one who is famously a man of the people – was a stroke of genius and I, for one, cannot wait to see what’s in store, but there is more genius at play here than the contents of the show itself. The... Read More

An Eye for Detail

I hate it when people let me down. Obviously, in life and in business, sometimes it’s inevitable and you just have to accept it. What’s worse though……much worse… when someone knows that they’ll have to let you down and yet they say nothing in the hope that it will all be OK in the end and some miracle or other will save them. I imagine it’s a feeling that Home Secretary, Theresa May, knows only too well this week as she wrestles with the monumental failure to... Read More

Serving a Marketing Ace

It wasn’t just sports fans that were glued to their TV screens when Murray played Federer on the hallowed turf of Wimbledon’s Centre Court last weekend…….the hopes of a nation were at stake and few could resist tuning in to see if they could, at last, be realised. Our collective national pride may have been hurt once again, but one thing that, perversely, was not damaged by his defeat was Andrew Murray’s reputation. Doubtless the fact that it’s in the nature of us... Read More

How to Cure Screen Fatigue

I’m from a generation that cannot live without an internet connection. I don’t just use it to communicate both at home and at work through emails and social networking, I rely on it for shopping and downloading music, I book holidays on the internet, do my banking on the internet and use it as my instant encyclopaedia. Because, like me, the rest of the world has become so accustomed to the virtual world of the online shop front, there is now a tendency to see the company website... Read More