Wake Up and Smell the Social Media Coffee

Social media can be a bit like those fancy espresso machines.  You want one because you’ve seen them in other people’s kitchens and they look great. You finally get around to getting one and you love it….you just can’t get enough of that freshly brewed taste.  But after a while, dealing with all the paraphernalia of ground coffee and milk frothers loses its novelty value and you just reach for the jar of instant freeze-dried, leaving your former pride and joy to gather... Read More

Seize the Day

The announcement this week that BP is to finance a new materials research centre to support the energy sector at the University of Manchester is great news for the region.  Manchester’s Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences will form the hub for a global network of academic research into anti-corrosive materials and coatings that will enable the energy sector to explore and exploit fuel sources in the earth’s most extreme and remote locations. While it’s a significant... Read More

Making Green Pay

I like a bit of straight talking.  And there’s been no shortage of it this week, particularly when it comes to the subject of delivering the Government agenda on reducing carbon emissions. The EEF, the Manufacturer’s Association that represents more than 6,000 engineering, manufacturing, construction and technology companies in the UK, has called on the Government to carry out a full scale review of its climate change and environmental policies prior to the next spending... Read More