Knowledge is Power

I read an interesting article this week that discussed the ability of family-run businesses to survive, even during hard economic times, while their shareholder-run peers often struggle to keep their heads above water.  The reason for this, according to the article, is that family-run businesses take a long-term view, investing in the business and moving with the times in order to safeguard their legacy for future generations rather than focusing solely on this year’s balance... Read More

Construction Marketing…..Are You Making a Good Job of It?

The announcement by Business Secretary, Vince Cable, that the Government plans to make changes to the rules on unfair dismissal tribunal pay outs is the latest in a series of recent moves aimed at jump starting the job market. The theory is that by introducing settlement agreements that bypass the need to go to court, employers will feel more confident about taking on staff. While the Unions may be concerned about workers’ rights, in principle, any idea that makes it easier... Read More

From Little Acorns…

Plans have been announced by the Government this week to help kick-start the construction industry and boost the economy……and even the most cynical among us has to admit that there’s a lot of sense in what they’re proposing. The messages are confusing and the main media channels for construction sector news and comment have taken very different approaches to sieving through the information to uncover the various nuggets at the centre of the proposals.  In a nutshell,... Read More

Lesson one: admit you need to learn

How many people do you know who learned to drive simply by getting into a car and driving it?  How many do you know that passed a French exam without even taking a single French lesson? Ever met someone who got job as a chef without ever consulting a single cook book? My guess is probably not many.  To do any of these things you need to spend time learning and preferably work with someone who can share the benefit of their expertise and teach you.  While it may be possible... Read More

The Art of Conversation

Whether you’re an extrovert or a shrinking violet, meeting people for the first time can be a daunting experience.  Especially if you’re in a room full of people who all seem to know each other and the pressure is on to make a compelling and incisive contribution to the conversation.  Most senior managers, however, have faced that challenge head on time and time again and think little of it….. and yet, confronted with social media, so many who find communication a breeze... Read More