Would Like to Meet……

In life it may be true that you have to kiss a few frogs before you meet a prince (or princess)….but in business, there’s no time to waste on frog kissing. Finding the right marketing partner first time so that you’re not wasting time, money and ideas on a relationship that just isn’t going to work is essential.  And actually, it’s easier than you might think if you follow these three golden rules: 1.    Get your timing right Lots of companies make the mistake of... Read More

Keeping it Real

So, footballer Ashley Cole is in trouble for posting an offensive comment about the FA on Twitter. It perhaps doesn’t come as a surprise to many that a hot-headed footballer would do such a thing, forgetting that no conversation is private when it’s online. What surprises me, however, is the number of companies that still use that potential negative of global online exposure to justify their decision to avoid the Twitter-verse completely. Time and again when I have outlined... Read More

Need Expertise?…..Ask an Expert!

We’ve been researching case studies for a renewables sector client this week and one comment has been chorused by every one of their customers: they weren’t the cheapest but they offered the best product backed by proven expertise. In today’s cut throat, cut price marketplace, bargains are easy to find and knowing your budget and sticking to it are fundamental requirements for a successful business.  However, you still get what you pay for and, with marketing support just... Read More

Goodbye Green Wash

As band wagons go, the sustainable/green/environmentally friendly construction bandwagon has proved that it has some fair old mileage in it. The kind of eco-friendly products that would have been thought of as ‘niche’ or even ‘gimmicky’ 20 years ago are now mainstream. And, where once green buildings were architects’ flights of fancy, ever more exacting environmental performance standards are now being demanded by the client. The problem has been that, like any bandwagon,... Read More