Spend Less…..Achieve More, with Marketing Planning

Have you ever noticed how successful people seem to be able to achieve a huge amount in a short space of time? Want to know the secret?  They all know what they want to achieve before they set out. They all have a marketing plan. It’s a simple principle: if you know what you want the outcomes to be, it’s much easier to plan the input required to make those outcomes happen. It may be simple but, when it comes to marketing, that one golden rule of identifying what success looks... Read More

Getting Your Marketing Message Right: Ask Not What You Need to Say, Ask What They Want to Hear

Whatever side of the political fence you sit and whichever side of the Atlantic you live, the big event of last week was the results of the American election and Barack Obama’s success in winning a second term. There is a marketing lesson hidden away in his success, it’s linked to developing your marketing message. Mr Obama’s victory is historic for many reasons and it’s hard not to be impressed by the scale of it.  For me, however, the most extraordinary thing was... Read More

Developing Your Marketing Strategy: Step One – Understanding What You Don’t Know

There are lots of ingredients that go into making a successful marketing campaign and the recipe will differ depending on the goals, the target audience and the available budget.  One thing that never changes no matter what the brief, however, is the simple act of asking the right questions. Whether it’s a full-blown market research programme to inform your commercial strategy or simply a disciplined approach to eliciting and analysing customer feedback, the ability to ask... Read More