Are You Ready for a Happier New Year? The Importance of Marketing Planning

For some people, the beginning of December means mince pies, Christmas parties and a last minute scramble for the perfect present.  For me it only means one thing……time to get organised for next year! It might seem a bit ‘bah humbug’ to some, as the opportunity for office parties, long lunches and a slower pace after a long year present themselves, but if next year is going to be more – or even more – successful than this one, December is not a time to take your... Read More

Join Our Fight Club

While politicians can usually be relied upon to spin anything into a positive message, there was all too little sugar on the pill that George Osbourne asked us all to swallow in the Government’s Autumn Statement last week. The catalogue of cuts and austerity measures that have become familiar was accompanied by some very dour warnings about the dark times ahead and how long they will last. There’s not much that any of us can do about any of that and we don’t need the Chancellor... Read More