Serious About Social Media

Covering dos and don’ts on how to make the most of blogging, Twitter and LinkedIn, our latest social media workshop held last week in Bromborough examined the importance of integrating your online channels to gain maximum marketing value. Some of the key points that our delegates took home included: Ensure you maximise SEO by incorporating key words and phrases in your blogs Drive traffic to your website by embedding anchor text links into your blogs Incorporate key word hash... Read More

Can You Counter the Construction Gloom?

A report published by industry lobby group, CITB-Construction Skills, in January made grim reading.  It summed up the scale of the continuing downturn in the construction sector over the past 12 months and predicted a ‘decade of pain’ going forward with no significant change in the industry’s fortunes until at least 2022. According to the report, 60,000 construction related jobs were lost last year with output down by 9% thanks to a combination of cuts in public sector... Read More

Construction Twittersphere

Unsurprisingly enough, Green Deal has been a hot topic for discussion this month in the run up to the launch of the ground breaking initiative to improve the energy performance of the built environment. @DECCgovuk, @EnergySvgTrust and @thecarbontrust all trumpeted the launch of Green Deal on 28th January but in the proceeding weeks, much of the talk has been about the lack of publicity for the scheme and, consequently, the lack of awareness. HS2, the proposed super-fast rail link... Read More

The Science of Search Engine Optimisation

Traditionally the construction sector has always been the kind of industry where winning business relied heavily on knowing the right people and making sure you were in the right place at the right time. Wherever you are in the delivery chain, relationships are still an essential element of success but, thanks to the internet, information on your competitors is more accessible to your contacts than ever before. These days it’s no longer enough to catch up with clients on the... Read More

Could You Make Your Marketing Budget Go Further?

The social media workshop we ran at CME last week threw up some interesting ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ on how to make your company stand out online, much of which, I’m sure will be very useful to the delegates that attended.  Throughout the day though, one word kept re-surfacing again and again, and it’s that one word – ‘re-purpose’ – that has stuck with me from the session. What our trainer wanted to get across was that, although it is a different channel that... Read More