First Construction Marketing Webinar Success

Construction Marketing Experts held our first webinar master class last week and we’ve received some great feedback from our delegates in response. Entitled ‘How to create a winning marketing strategy in the UK Construction Industry Today’, the webinar discussed the challenges of the construction sector in the current economic climate and how this affects companies operating in the industry. Against this backdrop, the webinar then went on to discuss an example of a CME client... Read More

Don’t wait for the Budget to Stimulate Growth

It’s a big week for the Chancellor, George Osbourne, next week.  It’s a big week for those of us waiting to see what ideas he comes up with in Thursday’s budget to put the nation’s finances to rights too. With the UK’s triple A credit rating now lost, a triple dip recession widely acknowledged and the latest figures for both manufacturing and construction showing further contraction of both sectors, the pressure is on Mr Osbourne to find new ways to stimulate business. It... Read More

Focus on Customers, Not the Competition

The Eastleigh by-election has caused controversy, misery and jubilation in the political world this week.  As all the political parties and their supporters recover from the excitement and pick over the bones of what went so unbelievably right, or so crushingly wrong, there’s a few lessons that the business world can learn from the whole debacle……   Lesson one: Integrity Counts The by-election was called in the first place because of Chris Huhne’s driving points... Read More