Are You Ready to Shake it Up Like Boris?

Never one to shy away from controversy, Boris Johnson has walked straight into the centre of another row this week by approving a 77-acre redevelopment of Earl’s Court and West Kensington. Whether you agree with his approach or not, you have to admire Boris for one thing: he’s never afraid to embrace change in the interests of shaking things up a bit. For Boris, London is a work in progress, ideas have always got potential and doing something new is preferable to simply sticking... Read More

Construction Twittersphere

Unsurprisingly enough, the spending review was widely discussed across Twitter, before, during and after the announcements, with key construction sector magazines and journalists providing their own analysis and comment.  The environmental lobby was very vocal on the matter too, with opinion clearly divided between those who greeted the good news of infrastructure investment and those who were alarmed that roads, nuclear energy and fracking all featured significantly in the Government’s... Read More

Spending Review Summary

While the Spending Review saw the Government declare that further savings of £11.5bn are required and announce that further cuts will be made across many departments there was some news of spending amongst all the saving. For some departments cuts have been staved off in favor of ring-fencing current budgets or a modest increase. More optimistically for the construction sector, however, was the general theme of operational or ‘resource’ cuts in preference to cuts in capital... Read More

Webinar Wisdom

Our latest webinar, ‘How Do You Start Good New Business Relationships in Construction’ on 27th June was our most popular session yet, with delegates from across the UK and beyond logging in to hear some insights into generating and developing new contacts. CME’s Sarah Reay and Phillip Kinnie from Construction Sales Centre were able to provide delegates with some tips on identifying the right decision makers, selecting the best approach and opening a dialogue that can generate... Read More

Plan to Save ££££s

It’s been a big week of significant announcements this week as the Government outlined its plan for reducing the deficit, addressing the crises in education and energy and kick-starting the economy with major infrastructure projects.  It’s a long-term plan and finding the money to deliver it could still prove to be a sticking point but there are two elements to implementing any successful plan     Have the vision to see what you need to do and how you can achieve... Read More