Case Studies: Top Tips for the Art of Storytelling

The world lost a great man last week who inspired not just his country but a whole generation across the world. And since Nelson Mandela’s death last Thursday, the tributes, celebrations of his life and anecdotes that reveal what made him such a remarkable figure have brought his story to a new audience that’s too young to remember the struggle against apartheid. It’s a reminder of just how powerful stories can be. You can talk about a person’s qualities, their spirit,... Read More

Let’s Put the Autumn Statement into Context

The fact that this year’s long-awaited Autumn Statement got second billing on the national news behind the inclement weather speaks volumes.  The weather may have been pretty exceptional but the announcements in the Chancellor’s speech were, frankly, fairly unexceptional with the only ‘headline’ items being long-anticipated and not much of a surprise to anyone. George Osborne was keen to put evidence of economic recovery in the spotlight, enabling him to reiterate that... Read More