Are You In Training for a Winning Sales Strategy?

As the runners lined up at the start line for the London Marathon this weekend, they all knew they had a long and arduous task ahead. A marathon is not a quick win and it’s certainly not for quitters. I’m not a runner and I have the greatest admiration for those who are prepared to attempt the training for a marathon, let alone finish the race.  I do know a thing or two about putting in the effort to get results though. When it comes to sales, many businesses seem to think... Read More

Who Pays The Price for Discounting?

Britain loves a good BOGOF.  The phenomenon of the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer has proved so popular on our supermarket shelves that it has also become commonplace in other sectors, such as holidays and home improvements. It’s even been known to penetrate the business-to-business building products market. This week, a report by the House of Lords European Union Committee has ascribed some of the blame for the 15 million tonnes of food thrown away by UK households each... Read More

Is Your Employer Brand Working for You?

After a lean few years in the construction sector, the recent upturn in house building has caused talk to turn to the skills gap again. It’s also generated big political promises, with Labour’s shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds telling a Home Builders Federation (HBF) conference last week that a Labour government would re-introduce rules requiring house builders to recruit and train apprentices on all publicly-funded housing projects. We’ve been here before and... Read More