Does Your Online Integrity Stand Up to Inspection?

Online content and social media have become the new super heroes of the marketing world. A cost effective means of disseminating credible third party endorsement on a global scale, these 21st century tactics have proved their value to business-to-business and consumer audiences alike. The ‘Keeping Social Honesty’ report published last week by the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), calls into question both the credibility and the value of social media, however. Following... Read More

Are You Match Ready?

With the countdown to the FIFA World Cup now in its final stages, and the England team now training in Brazil, is your business ready for two weeks of football mania? You may think that higher levels of absenteeism, a few team performance issues from watching late matches in the pub and some general grumpiness if England doesn’t make it through the group stages will be inevitable over the next few weeks. Not so. The World Cup is only a threat to your business if you don’t... Read More