Construction: The Communication Crime, Are You Guilty?

Building and maintaining relationships is important in any sector. Construction is no different. In previous surveys, we have confirmed this is certainly the case in construction. Perhaps even moreso than in other sectors. If we maintain relationships, we: – Solidify the bond between ourselves and our clients – Are remembered – important in tender situations for example so you do not fall off the invitation list for any reason – Stand a much better chance... Read More

Construction: Vote For Public Relations

There’s a 34.8% chance you will not vote if today’s turnout is anything like 2010. Back then, 15.9 million eligible voters┬ádidn’t bother. Put in perspective, only 10.7 million voted for the (almost) winning Conservatives. Regardless of your views on the merits of voting or abstaining, it is worth considering whether you should have your say. Even Russell Brand did an about turn and urged people to vote. When it comes to an issue like Public Relations in construction,... Read More