4 Tender Winning Tips

In construction, particularly in high value projects or tendering situations, it is all about proving yourself. And in this post, you’ll be given 4 tips on doing just that. You’ll also find out how improving your case studies can be worth millions of pounds of extra work you would not otherwise have won. Research from Nielsen across 58 countries of 29,000 people confirms that 84% of people trust word of mouth above all other forms of advertising. In fact the second... Read More

Gratitude In Construction

Tenders that need submitting. Fires that need putting out. Operational juggling skills. All of them get in the way of the most important people in your construction business – your clients. You may not have ever considered doing this. But next time you eat, look at your plate. And say thanks to your clients. Without them, you don’t eat. Does that make you stop and think back to the last time you said thank you to them for real? I did that once. I had that realisation.... Read More