7 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Mind About PR

reputation1Understandably, many people in the world of construction scratch their heads when it comes to PR and wonder why they should bother.

Even those who have had amazing PR coverage have discovered that the phone doesn’t always create an avalanche of clients wanting to beat a path to your door.

Here’s 7 reasons you may not have thought of which explain why you should maybe rethink the whole thing:



  1. The “Who Are You?” Factor. Especially in tendering, doesn’t it help your cause when even though you submit your references and case studies, the person looking at the bid already knows all about you?
  2. Articles Have A Long Shelf-Life. When a great story about you is published, it lives on well beyond that particular publication. You can keep copies forever more and include them in all of your marketing or as appendices in your bids and tenders
  3. The Online Footprint. The same can be said online. Articles that were published in print, are mostly available online forever more, increasing your website relevance, but also appearing when potential clients are checking you out and searching for you online.
  4. Has A Potential Customer Ever Visited Your Office? While they’re sat in reception, they’re already deciding whether or not they trust you before you’ve even shook hands as you wander into the meeting room. Have your best articles framed and on the wall next to your Investors In People and Health & Safety credentials. A frame can cost you next to nothing from Poundland. Or push the boat out and get one of those fancy display folders which will be sat next to the cuppa they are served containing all of your published articles for them to browse through. You may well pre-close the deal before the handshake.
  5. Perception. Regularly being featured in the press eventually gets your name known to all the key people – people who may not be considering you now, but may well do in the future
  6. Plug The Skills Gaps. Attracting staff is critical, especially nowadays. Make sure you are looked upon favourably as a company the very best talent will want to work for.
  7. Bad Press. If you’re not in the PR game, you’re less ready and able to respond. How you address negative coverage can make or break you, and if you already have an established reputation, it’s far easier to recover.

And on that last point, it really helps to have a good PR advisor on hand. Somebody who knows your company, your history and has been instrumental in the getting you your PR portfolio together. And they can help you react and not only limit the damage in the event of a negative incident, but help you potentially come out of it much stronger.

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