Are You Match Ready?

world-cup-2014With the countdown to the FIFA World Cup now in its final stages, and the England team now training in Brazil, is your business ready for two weeks of football mania?

You may think that higher levels of absenteeism, a few team performance issues from watching late matches in the pub and some general grumpiness if England doesn’t make it through the group stages will be inevitable over the next few weeks. Not so.

The World Cup is only a threat to your business if you don’t play along.  If you enter into the spirit of the tournament, it’s an opportunity to build staff morale, improve your employer brand and increase sales…and here’s how:

Use the World Cup as a tool to connect with staff, customers and prospects – but act quickly and plan ahead.

Unless you’ve been living on a remote desert island for the past few weeks, it won’t have escaped your attention that the World Cup is being used as a sales tool for everything from cars to cornflakes and from TVs to toothpaste. Most of the products have little or no connection to football but a little imagination has been applied to make the world’s biggest sporting event relevant to the brand and, hey presto!, it’s been used to connect with public consciousness.

The same principle applies whatever your business may be, and the World Cup can be used in so many different ways.  Here are just a few ideas:

For your team:

  • Create a sales incentive scheme that links sales goals to football goals to win a TV to watch the final
  • Hire a big screen to show matches in your boardroom with a brainstorm at half time
  • Organise a company wide sweepstake
  • Introduce England win extra time – with a late start after every successful England game

For your customers:

  • Offer an extra discount for every England goal scored
  • Hire a big screen to show matches in your boardroom as a cost-effective corporate event
  • Organise a charity warm up match with customers
  • Run a spot the ball e-shot promotion


Whatever you do, remember that the World Cup only comes round once every four years, so you only get one shot!

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