Feeling uncertain after the Budget 2016?

Laptop Screen with Budget 2016

Laptop Screen with Budget 2016 A commitment to major infrastructure projects offered a glimmer of hope for the construction industry in the Budget 2016. But the chancellor’s decision to exempt corporate investors from the 3 per cent stamp duty surcharge on additional homes has certainly raised a few eyebrows.   Although development in the UK’s major cities remains strong,... Read More

Are Your Tenders Putting You in the Frame or Out of the Picture?


From housing to utilities infrastructure, the big news in the construction sector at the moment is all about frameworks. For the winners, it’s not just big news; it’s great news. A place on a framework is a virtual guarantee of future work and a significant feather in the cap. For those that miss out, however, frameworks can become a closed door to working for that particular... Read More

Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil?


For those that work in the electrical sector, or those who depend on electrical contractors on site, it will be an interesting week this week. With electricians rejecting the latest pay offer from contractors, there could be strike action ahead, which will not only affect the M&E sector but could cause disarray across the whole construction delivery chain. From a business continuity... Read More

Who Pays The Price for Discounting?


Britain loves a good BOGOF.  The phenomenon of the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer has proved so popular on our supermarket shelves that it has also become commonplace in other sectors, such as holidays and home improvements. It’s even been known to penetrate the business-to-business building products market. This week, a report by the House of Lords European Union Committee... Read More

Brand Matters


Marketing Week reported last week that consumer perceptions of clothing brand NEXT have fallen, despite growing sales. It’s an odd state of affairs as, generally, you might assume there’d be a direct correlation between brand and sales performance. It’s also a cautionary tale…demonstrating that even the strongest brands need to be nurtured and protected as an ongoing process... Read More

Let’s Put the Autumn Statement into Context


The fact that this year’s long-awaited Autumn Statement got second billing on the national news behind the inclement weather speaks volumes.  The weather may have been pretty exceptional but the announcements in the Chancellor’s speech were, frankly, fairly unexceptional with the only ‘headline’ items being long-anticipated and not much of a surprise to anyone. George Osborne... Read More

Looking Forward at the Construction Industry

going forward

One of the clear messages that came out of our recent Marketing Needs & Trends Survey was that companies have been reluctant to spend because of uncertainty about the pace and stability of economic recovery, with the indicators of the past three months looking positive and the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement due to take place on 4th December, we preview the economic outlook. The... Read More

Leading British companies to share safety excellence tips with peers at RoSPA London Congress


Some of the UK’s leading retail, utility and manufacturing companies will be sharing practical advice on improving health and safety at a national congress from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). RoSPA will bring together organisations at the forefront of protecting their staff from workplace hazards at its Occupational Safety and Health Congress in London’s... Read More

Who’s Getting Engaged?

goldfish jumping out of the water

Are You Ready to Change? It’s human nature to compare.  And, on some level, we’re all competitive, so when league tables are published, whether we expect to be in them or not, they make compulsive reading. That was certainly the case for the Construction News Top 100 supplement published last week, which provides league tables of companies by sector and construction discipline. ... Read More

Could CE Marking be your Online Opportunity?

CE Image

News this week that UK construction output rose by 2.2% in year-year-on year terms in July is a fantastic indicator for the sector.  The ONS figures reveal the biggest upturn in the construction industry’s fortunes for six years. The challenge now for all those involved in the sector is to capitalize on the potential for growth, because, let’s face it, despite the good news... Read More