Will Your Marketing Build on Construction Growth?


This week’s news that the UK construction sector returned to growth in May after six months of contraction is great news. As usual, however, the fanfare that accompanied the story was somewhat subdued as the Markit/CIPS construction Purchasing Managers Index at its heart indicated only a modest upturn, largely in the housing sector. Nevertheless, news that housebuilding is growing... Read More

Construction Twittersphere


Amongst the biggest discussions over the past two months – unsurprisingly – was the Chancellor’s Budget and the effects it will have on the construction sector, the property market and the SME community. While the Government’s pledge to invest £billions on infrastructure projects was widely welcomed, many were cynical about where the finance is going to come from and... Read More

Should You be Going Back to School?


While 80,000 extra school places have been provided in the UK over the past two years in line with predicted increases in the birth rate, the actual birth rate has been rising at a much high rate than anticipated.  As a result, unless the pace of school development and extension programmes picks up dramatically, the country could be heading for a crisis point where there simply... Read More

Findus Provides Branding Food for Thought

lasagna bolognese

The cautionary old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ has taken on an unpalatable extra dimension over the past few days.  The 100% Findus beef lasagne that turned out to be almost exclusively made of horse meat illustrated that sometimes you not only get less than you paid for; you may also get more than you bargained for. In many ways, I sympathise with Findus: the company... Read More

Can You Counter the Construction Gloom?


A report published by industry lobby group, CITB-Construction Skills, in January made grim reading.  It summed up the scale of the continuing downturn in the construction sector over the past 12 months and predicted a ‘decade of pain’ going forward with no significant change in the industry’s fortunes until at least 2022. According to the report, 60,000 construction related... Read More

Construction Twittersphere


Unsurprisingly enough, Green Deal has been a hot topic for discussion this month in the run up to the launch of the ground breaking initiative to improve the energy performance of the built environment. @DECCgovuk, @EnergySvgTrust and @thecarbontrust all trumpeted the launch of Green Deal on 28th January but in the proceeding weeks, much of the talk has been about the lack of publicity... Read More

The Wind of Change?

Wwind generator turbines in sky

Two separate reports published last week came to the same, very welcome conclusion: that it will be possible for offshore wind power to compete with the cost of onshore and biomass energy in the UK by the end of this decade. The two reports – one published by the Crown Estate which manages the sea bed around the UK and the other by the Offshore Wind CRTF (Cost Reduction Task Force)... Read More

Diamond Opportunity


Whether you’re a committed royalist planning your street party, or a dyed-in-the-wool republican with Jubilee fatigue, you can’t possibly have missed the fact that the Queen will celebrate her 60 years on the throne this week.  And, let’s face it; whatever side of the fence you sit on, staying at the top of any organisation for such a long time – even UK plc – is quite... Read More

Knowledge is Power


I came across a fantastic document online this week: the Electrical Contracting Association’s (ECA) ‘A-Z guide to Carbon Jargon’. It’s a fantastically useful summary of all the buzz words that are floating around the renewables sector, starting with ‘air source heat pumps’ and running all the way through to ‘zero carbon building’.  I’d definitely recommend taking... Read More

All Greek to You?


There are almost 1,500 miles between London and Athens and it’s easy to believe that such a significant distance puts the two cities worlds apart.  But anyone who tries to fool themselves that the huge chunk of Europe and the difference in currency that stands between the two cities will protect the UK from the turmoil in Greece is sadly mistaken. Greece is teetering on the edge... Read More