Construction Twittersphere


Amongst the biggest discussions over the past two months – unsurprisingly – was the Chancellor’s Budget and the effects it will have on the construction sector, the property market and the SME community. While the Government’s pledge to invest £billions on infrastructure projects was widely welcomed, many were cynical about where the finance is going to come from and... Read More

The Wind of Change?

Wwind generator turbines in sky

Two separate reports published last week came to the same, very welcome conclusion: that it will be possible for offshore wind power to compete with the cost of onshore and biomass energy in the UK by the end of this decade. The two reports – one published by the Crown Estate which manages the sea bed around the UK and the other by the Offshore Wind CRTF (Cost Reduction Task Force)... Read More

Knowledge is Power


I came across a fantastic document online this week: the Electrical Contracting Association’s (ECA) ‘A-Z guide to Carbon Jargon’. It’s a fantastically useful summary of all the buzz words that are floating around the renewables sector, starting with ‘air source heat pumps’ and running all the way through to ‘zero carbon building’.  I’d definitely recommend taking... Read More