Don’t Just Change Your Website, Improve It


My local supermarket changed its layout last week.  It’s annoying. I used to know where everything was and this weekend I had to hunt for half the things I needed and gave up on two or three things on the list all together. They did it to keep things fresh.  To make people like me wander down aisles they’d never normally venture into on the off chance that we might be tempted... Read More

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with PR


The latest Construction Trade Survey was published this week, telling it how it is across the sector, straight from the horse’s mouth.  It provides data based on the perceptions of those that have been at the rock face of keeping construction businesses afloat during recent lean times, and one of the take home headlines is that the sector is still doing better, echoing the economic... Read More

Make Knowledge Your Loss Leader

content marketing

You talk to lots of people in business.  There are those who talk about what they do and those who talk about what they know.  I know which, as a rule, I find more interesting. Discussing topics that enable you to share knowledge is normal social and business etiquette, allowing you to engage with other people and making you more memorable to them.  And yet, so many companies... Read More

If You’re Speaking to the Right People, You Don’t Need to Shout

Woman Shouting with Bullhorn

A client asked me last week what the average response rates are for a direct mail campaign. Hmmmm? That’s a bit like asking about the average rainfall in a British summer – estimates could vary considerably depending who you ask and what their expectations are. According to recent Direct Mail Association (DMA) figures, traditional hard copy mail outs can expect to garner an... Read More

How to Take the Zzzzzz Out of Your X Factor

x factor

So, the wait is over.  We know who has won the X factor for another year and, whether or not you care who got the most votes on the night, it’s clear that the well-worn TV format has an enduring appeal to its target demographic. X Factor’s success over a ten year tenure at the top of the TV ratings is all about understanding the target audience and adapting to fit in with changing... Read More

Case Studies: Top Tips for the Art of Storytelling

Nelson Mandela

The world lost a great man last week who inspired not just his country but a whole generation across the world. And since Nelson Mandela’s death last Thursday, the tributes, celebrations of his life and anecdotes that reveal what made him such a remarkable figure have brought his story to a new audience that’s too young to remember the struggle against apartheid. It’s a reminder... Read More

How to Sell When The Customer Wants to Buy

Black Friday

The offer you can’t refuse may be a cliché lifted straight out of the salesman’s toolkit, but the global frenzy of internet shopping that will accompany this week’s ‘Black Friday’ promotions demonstrates that value for money never goes out of fashion. The thorny issue of price has been every marketer’s nemesis over the past few years, with so many purchasing decisions... Read More

Who Needs Social Media?


One of the things I love about my job is that every day is different.  But sometimes I have Groundhog Day moments when I find myself responding to the same comments for the umpteenth time.  And nine times out of ten that comment can be paraphrased as ‘social media’s not relevant to my business.’ Whatever type of business you operate, I can guarantee you that it is. Certainly,... Read More

Tactical Spotlight On……e-shots

email marketing

Many of those reading this newsletter will also receive our weekly e-shots: short pieces of direct mail in your inbox that let you know about aspects of our services or current special offers. If you’ve ever wondered why we go to the trouble of writing these every week and sending them out, we can tell you in three words: because they work! And why do they work? They provide... Read More

Our Survey Said…..Thanks!

Survey Image 1

We recently invited all our contacts to take part in our first annual Marketing Needs and Trends Survey, a simple online poll designed to help us understand how we can best help you with free CME reports and research, it will also give us a true picture of marketing trends at the rock face of the commercial world. The results were compelling. While 27% of respondents stated that... Read More