Why Word of Mouth Marketing Can be Delivered at your Desk

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You may have read our previous blog outlining the results of our recent research with construction sector companies, which revealed that 41% of new business leads are generated by word of mouth. Even if you didn’t see the blog or review the research, it’ll probably come as no great surprise.  After all, from restaurants, to cars, to holiday destinations, we’re much more likely... Read More

Construction: Snail Mail Bounces Back To Prominence – Or Did It Ever Really Die?


“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” Mark Twain In the almost insane stampede toward everything online – email, social media, search engine optimisation, websites etc. – a medium we used to rely on has fallen out of fashion. Sending stuff through the post understandably is old hat, especially in business to business marketing as an increasing amount of... Read More

Creating Winning Campaigns

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One of the regular bees in our bonnet at CME is the need to be able to substantiate what you say. In other words, it’s no good simply claiming to be the best, the biggest or the most innovative unless you can prove it. It’s a principle we live by and our advice is always based on in depth market knowledge, experience of proven tactics and a methodical approach to researching... Read More

Are You a Swipe Stopper?


They say a picture tells a thousand words. I say, we need to be using more pictures that tell their own story. Traditionally, in PR, advertising, direct mail… pictures have been used to illustrate the words, and that was fine. But we’ve moved on since then. There is still a role for pictures in that context but images can do so much more. With the advent of social media, the... Read More

Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil?


For those that work in the electrical sector, or those who depend on electrical contractors on site, it will be an interesting week this week. With electricians rejecting the latest pay offer from contractors, there could be strike action ahead, which will not only affect the M&E sector but could cause disarray across the whole construction delivery chain. From a business continuity... Read More

The Secret of Business Failure


In the early stages of working with one of my former clients, the company’s managing director proudly declared to me ‘We are the best kept secret in our sector.’ To him the comment smacked of quality and exclusivity.  To me it demonstrated that there was a big job to be done! This weekend, writing in the Mail on Sunday, the prime minister declared that we must all be less... Read More

Direct Marketing: What’s the Deal?


It was a busy week of financial ping pong in the political world last week as Labour and the coalition argued it out over whether the average household is now better or worse off and whether or not the 50p tax rate should be reinstated for high earners. Whatever the political opinions that divide parties, friends and colleagues, one thing remains true no matter what – we all want... Read More

If You’re Speaking to the Right People, You Don’t Need to Shout

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A client asked me last week what the average response rates are for a direct mail campaign. Hmmmm? That’s a bit like asking about the average rainfall in a British summer – estimates could vary considerably depending who you ask and what their expectations are. According to recent Direct Mail Association (DMA) figures, traditional hard copy mail outs can expect to garner an... Read More

Could You be Making it Easier to Win More Business?


One of our clients has a bone to pick with us. After a direct mail campaign designed and delivered by CME, his appointment diary is now full for the next two months and he’s still receiving enquiries. It’s not because he’s invented something radically new or is offering a too-good-to-be-true cut price deal; the secret to this success story lies in one simple but significant... Read More

Direct Marketing: Make One Change


People often don’t like change.  But change can be good.  Without it we don’t learn, we don’t move forward and we don’t improve. This week, as the country begins its first full working week of the year, I think everyone should challenge themselves to make one change in the way they do things.  Whether it’s something small like getting into work ten minutes earlier so... Read More