Construction: What Farmers Can Teach Us About Strategy


Do you fling seeds from the car window in the general direction of the field as you drive by, in a rush to get somewhere else? Then hope in a few months time your crop will flourish? Or, should you leave the car behind, get in your tractor, plough the field, nourish the soil, carefully plant your seed and then tenderly nurture all the fields on your farm? I think you can guess which... Read More

Creating Winning Campaigns

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One of the regular bees in our bonnet at CME is the need to be able to substantiate what you say. In other words, it’s no good simply claiming to be the best, the biggest or the most innovative unless you can prove it. It’s a principle we live by and our advice is always based on in depth market knowledge, experience of proven tactics and a methodical approach to researching... Read More

How to Plan a More Effective Online Strategy


Searching for information online has become such a routine daily activity that the world’s biggest search engine brand has also become a commonplace verb. Anything we need to know is at our fingertips; all we have to do is Google it. And yet some are still unconvinced by online marketing, preferring to see ink on the page rather than views online. Personally, I believe that the... Read More

Are You Telling a Tale of a Neglected Brand?


Anyone who has ever been to a job interview has probably heard the question ‘where do you see yourself in five years time?’ But how many companies ask that about their brand? For many, branding or rebranding their company, product or service is something they see as a project – it has a start, middle and end, just like any good story. Except, no story ever really has an end…because... Read More

Make Sure You’re Wearing the Marketing Maillot Jaune


The eyes of the world’s sports fans strayed momentarily from Brazil to good old Blighty last weekend as the stars aligned to bring the British Grand Prix, the Wimbledon finals and the Tour de France to England all on the same weekend. Of all of these, the Tour de France was by far the most momentous.  The men’s final at Wimbledon may have been a five set nail biter, but a version... Read More

Does Your Online Integrity Stand Up to Inspection?

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Online content and social media have become the new super heroes of the marketing world. A cost effective means of disseminating credible third party endorsement on a global scale, these 21st century tactics have proved their value to business-to-business and consumer audiences alike. The ‘Keeping Social Honesty’ report published last week by the CIM (Chartered Institute of... Read More

Are You Match Ready?


With the countdown to the FIFA World Cup now in its final stages, and the England team now training in Brazil, is your business ready for two weeks of football mania? You may think that higher levels of absenteeism, a few team performance issues from watching late matches in the pub and some general grumpiness if England doesn’t make it through the group stages will be inevitable... Read More

The Two Step Plan for PR Success


After weeks and weeks of media posturing, the results of the local elections are in (at the time of writing, the results of the Euro vote are still to be announced.) For anyone glancing at a headline or catching sight of a TV screen, you’d be forgiven for thinking that UKIP had swept the board and was about to take control at councils up and down the country.  The reality is... Read More

What’s Success if You Don’t Shout About it?

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There may have been few surprises when the ubiquitous Ant & Dec picked up yet another BAFTA this weekend, with the TV pair almost as well known for their awards success as they are for their Geordie accents. It may be nothing new to them but it’s a very important element in their career success. The fact that they are winning awards, year after year, demonstrates that they... Read More

Prove Your Proposition With Case Studies

When it comes to delivering your marketing messages, the difference between telling your marketplace how good you are at what you do and ensuring they believe it can be summed up in one word: proof. At CME, one of the things that we develop for clients as part of their brand footprint is a set of key messages that explains who they are, what they do and why they’re different.... Read More