Feeling uncertain after the Budget 2016?

Laptop Screen with Budget 2016

Laptop Screen with Budget 2016 A commitment to major infrastructure projects offered a glimmer of hope for the construction industry in the Budget 2016. But the chancellor’s decision to exempt corporate investors from the 3 per cent stamp duty surcharge on additional homes has certainly raised a few eyebrows.   Although development in the UK’s major cities remains strong,... Read More

Construction: Vote For Public Relations


There’s a 34.8% chance you will not vote if today’s turnout is anything like 2010. Back then, 15.9 million eligible voters didn’t bother. Put in perspective, only 10.7 million voted for the (almost) winning Conservatives. Regardless of your views on the merits of voting or abstaining, it is worth considering whether you should have your say. Even Russell Brand... Read More

7 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Mind About PR


Understandably, many people in the world of construction scratch their heads when it comes to PR and wonder why they should bother. Even those who have had amazing PR coverage have discovered that the phone doesn’t always create an avalanche of clients wanting to beat a path to your door. Here’s 7 reasons you may not have thought of which explain why you should maybe rethink... Read More

Think You’re Too Busy for Marketing?


The shops are filled with Halloween paraphernalia and hotels and restaurants are festooned with ‘book your Christmas party here’ banners…we must be in Q4! And what a difference a year makes. This time last year there was plenty of talk and encouraging signs of recovery but everyone was cautious about really believing it. Now, many companies are struggling to meet demand for... Read More

Manage Your Reputation…Win More Tenders


In the construction sector, compiling tenders is one of those necessary evils that everyone accepts as part of a process but most would avoid given the opportunity. For most companies, it’s not the valuable man hours and resources that are dedicated to compiling project-specific costings and calculations that form the major gripe, but the beauty parade element of singing your... Read More

Five Steps to Successful PR


As the battle to convince Scottish voters to opt for or against independence reaches its crescendo, the masters of spin are masterfully using messaging and counter messaging to win hearts and minds. We might call it spin, but it actually only uses the same PR tactics that companies like yours use to change perceptions of their brands and USPs as part of their marketing programme. However,... Read More

Are Your Customers Really Interested in Your PR?

Barack Obama

It’s been a busy few months for Barack Obama and it seems unlikely that he’s enjoyed much in the way of downtime. However, like all savvy politicians, he’s never one to look a PR gift horse in the mouth, which is why he took time out to visit Stone Henge and pose with locals last week. Amongst the serious business of the terrorist threat and the global economy, visiting an... Read More

Could PR Bring More Talent Into Your Business?

be different, be the one

I don’t know about you, but when I walk into a meeting with a client the conversation usually starts with an opener something like, ‘how’s business?’ For the past few years when talking to any kind of contractor in the construction sector, that question has usually been greeted with a heavy sigh and an optimistic comment about how business is out there; it’s just harder... Read More

How to Plan a More Effective Online Strategy


Searching for information online has become such a routine daily activity that the world’s biggest search engine brand has also become a commonplace verb. Anything we need to know is at our fingertips; all we have to do is Google it. And yet some are still unconvinced by online marketing, preferring to see ink on the page rather than views online. Personally, I believe that the... Read More

Are You a Swipe Stopper?


They say a picture tells a thousand words. I say, we need to be using more pictures that tell their own story. Traditionally, in PR, advertising, direct mail… pictures have been used to illustrate the words, and that was fine. But we’ve moved on since then. There is still a role for pictures in that context but images can do so much more. With the advent of social media, the... Read More