It’s Still Good to Talk


It’s astonishing to think that BT’s ‘It’s Good to Talk’ advertising campaign was now broadcast more than 20 years ago. Since then, the phrase has entered the English language like a well worn proverb and, this week, it’s something that Ed Milliband has put at the top of his agenda, calling for a public version of Prime Minister’s Questions. It’s an interesting idea... Read More

Let Me Put You in the Picture


While the UK looks forward to the start of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow later this week, swimming fans in Birmingham have been fighting to protect a pool that has had somewhat less investment than the Games’ Tollcross International Swimming Centre. More than 100 swimmers posed in the now unused ‘Gala Pool’ at the Grade II* listed Mosely Road Baths in Birmingham, which... Read More

Are Your Tenders Putting You in the Frame or Out of the Picture?


From housing to utilities infrastructure, the big news in the construction sector at the moment is all about frameworks. For the winners, it’s not just big news; it’s great news. A place on a framework is a virtual guarantee of future work and a significant feather in the cap. For those that miss out, however, frameworks can become a closed door to working for that particular... Read More

The Secret of Business Failure


In the early stages of working with one of my former clients, the company’s managing director proudly declared to me ‘We are the best kept secret in our sector.’ To him the comment smacked of quality and exclusivity.  To me it demonstrated that there was a big job to be done! This weekend, writing in the Mail on Sunday, the prime minister declared that we must all be less... Read More

The Two Step Plan for PR Success


After weeks and weeks of media posturing, the results of the local elections are in (at the time of writing, the results of the Euro vote are still to be announced.) For anyone glancing at a headline or catching sight of a TV screen, you’d be forgiven for thinking that UKIP had swept the board and was about to take control at councils up and down the country.  The reality is... Read More

Which Comes First – Content or Channel?


Digital marketing.  Everyone’s doing it, but here’s a question….does everyone know why? Talking to many companies about social media, e-shots, online newsletters, blogging and website development has made it very apparent to me that for some, the answer is no.  Their approach to digital marketing is ‘we have to do it because everyone else is doing it’. Certainly, that’s... Read More

To Blog or Not to Blog?


Marketing consultants suffer from the same social challenges as doctors: we often get asked for free and informal advice without the benefit of any of the back story that should inform  the answer. So when I was asked last week ‘What do you think of blogging, is it something we should be doing?’ in theory, I shouldn’t have been able to answer with any clarity. However, when... Read More

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with PR


The latest Construction Trade Survey was published this week, telling it how it is across the sector, straight from the horse’s mouth.  It provides data based on the perceptions of those that have been at the rock face of keeping construction businesses afloat during recent lean times, and one of the take home headlines is that the sector is still doing better, echoing the economic... Read More

Our Survey Said…..Thanks!

Survey Image 1

We recently invited all our contacts to take part in our first annual Marketing Needs and Trends Survey, a simple online poll designed to help us understand how we can best help you with free CME reports and research, it will also give us a true picture of marketing trends at the rock face of the commercial world. The results were compelling. While 27% of respondents stated that... Read More

Why Should Anyone be Interested in Your Business?


For any communications activity it’s essential to know what you want to say and who you want to say it to. When  it comes to PR, however, in addition to the ‘who, when, why, where and what’ rule of telling the story in the first paragraph, it’s vital to ask where any of that information fits into the news agenda. Placing editorial in a newspaper, magazine or online publication... Read More