An Interview with our new Account Manager, Rosanna Hynes

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To support our growing list of clients, we’ve recently expanded our team with a new account manager. Rosanna brings a wealth of marketing experience to CME, ensuring that client campaigns are managed as effectively and efficiently as possible. Here she reveals more about her career, skills and role at CME:  What’s been your career to date? I’ve wanted to be in marketing since... Read More

Construction Skills – While You Wait For The Solution


While the entire construction industry waits for longer term solutions to the skills shortage, there’s an inevitable scramble for the best talent. It’s a sad fact that many are being forced to make a pre-emptive strike. To retain their existing staff, and market themselves to potential recruits. One thing is for sure, being blinkered to the current and developing battle... Read More

Could PR Bring More Talent Into Your Business?

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I don’t know about you, but when I walk into a meeting with a client the conversation usually starts with an opener something like, ‘how’s business?’ For the past few years when talking to any kind of contractor in the construction sector, that question has usually been greeted with a heavy sigh and an optimistic comment about how business is out there; it’s just harder... Read More

Outsourcing: Your Flexible Friend

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It seems barely a day goes by when Government cuts don’t make the news in one form or another, as the Treasury continues to take tough decisions in an effort to balance the books. Behind the headlines, many companies are experiencing the same dilemmas as they try to square the circle of reducing their overheads while winning new customers or securing new projects. The problem... Read More

Wanted: Talented Do-er with a Hunger for Success


It’s been a mixed news week as far as the economy is concerned.  No sooner had the latest jobless figures revealed a rise in unemployment than the bank of England revised its economic forecast to predict modest growth and a reduced rate of inflation. It’s a combination of factors that paints a positive picture as far as employers are concerned. While we remain in an employers’... Read More