Think You’re Too Busy for Marketing?


The shops are filled with Halloween paraphernalia and hotels and restaurants are festooned with ‘book your Christmas party here’ banners…we must be in Q4! And what a difference a year makes. This time last year there was plenty of talk and encouraging signs of recovery but everyone was cautious about really believing it. Now, many companies are struggling to meet demand for... Read More

Manage Your Reputation…Win More Tenders


In the construction sector, compiling tenders is one of those necessary evils that everyone accepts as part of a process but most would avoid given the opportunity. For most companies, it’s not the valuable man hours and resources that are dedicated to compiling project-specific costings and calculations that form the major gripe, but the beauty parade element of singing your... Read More

Are Your Tenders Putting You in the Frame or Out of the Picture?


From housing to utilities infrastructure, the big news in the construction sector at the moment is all about frameworks. For the winners, it’s not just big news; it’s great news. A place on a framework is a virtual guarantee of future work and a significant feather in the cap. For those that miss out, however, frameworks can become a closed door to working for that particular... Read More

Are You Match Ready?


With the countdown to the FIFA World Cup now in its final stages, and the England team now training in Brazil, is your business ready for two weeks of football mania? You may think that higher levels of absenteeism, a few team performance issues from watching late matches in the pub and some general grumpiness if England doesn’t make it through the group stages will be inevitable... Read More

Prove Your Proposition With Case Studies

When it comes to delivering your marketing messages, the difference between telling your marketplace how good you are at what you do and ensuring they believe it can be summed up in one word: proof. At CME, one of the things that we develop for clients as part of their brand footprint is a set of key messages that explains who they are, what they do and why they’re different.... Read More

Who Pays The Price for Discounting?


Britain loves a good BOGOF.  The phenomenon of the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer has proved so popular on our supermarket shelves that it has also become commonplace in other sectors, such as holidays and home improvements. It’s even been known to penetrate the business-to-business building products market. This week, a report by the House of Lords European Union Committee... Read More

Could You be Making it Easier to Win More Business?


One of our clients has a bone to pick with us. After a direct mail campaign designed and delivered by CME, his appointment diary is now full for the next two months and he’s still receiving enquiries. It’s not because he’s invented something radically new or is offering a too-good-to-be-true cut price deal; the secret to this success story lies in one simple but significant... Read More

Could E-Shots Lead You to the Holy Grail of Marketing?


With Christmas looming, the pressure is on to find the perfect gift.  No doubt there will be a few forays to the shops, braving the crowds to select gifts in the traditional hustle and bustle of the Christmas build up.  But for most of us the high street is only part of the Christmas shopping strategy. Instead of spending hours pounding the pavement and feeling the goods in our... Read More

Outsourcing: Your Flexible Friend

Way Signs "Outsourcing - In-House Solutions"

It seems barely a day goes by when Government cuts don’t make the news in one form or another, as the Treasury continues to take tough decisions in an effort to balance the books. Behind the headlines, many companies are experiencing the same dilemmas as they try to square the circle of reducing their overheads while winning new customers or securing new projects. The problem... Read More

Summer’s Coming……Time to Plan for New Year!


It’s been a long time coming this year, but finally spring has sprung. And as the evening’s get longer and we amble towards the lightest night of the year that mid-way point in the calendar signals the start of something else for marketeers……planning for next year! It may seem like madness to some to say that June is the time to start planning for January but effective planning... Read More