Should You be Going Back to School?


While 80,000 extra school places have been provided in the UK over the past two years in line with predicted increases in the birth rate, the actual birth rate has been rising at a much high rate than anticipated.  As a result, unless the pace of school development and extension programmes picks up dramatically, the country could be heading for a crisis point where there simply... Read More

Procrastination is the Thief of Time


So……we’re in Q2 already! The weather is finally brightening up, the spring flowers are out and, while we may not be using the ‘green shoots of recovery’ rhetoric these days, it seems we may avoid a triple dip recession after all. The question is, as time marches on, are you letting opportunity after opportunity pass you by? As a nation, we Brits are more cautious than... Read More

All Greek to You?


There are almost 1,500 miles between London and Athens and it’s easy to believe that such a significant distance puts the two cities worlds apart.  But anyone who tries to fool themselves that the huge chunk of Europe and the difference in currency that stands between the two cities will protect the UK from the turmoil in Greece is sadly mistaken. Greece is teetering on the edge... Read More

How developing your marketing strategy will save you money

Save money through marketing strategically

Time and time again I speak to business owners in need of more sales. They have ideas around how they would like to draw in business, usually around tactical marketing. Investing in a PR programme, or executing a direct mail campaign, but there is never any importance placed on strategy and their route to market. A marketing strategy will present the opportunities in which you can... Read More

3 steps to attract leads and boost sales

Style: "70's look"

Here are three steps to attracting more of the clients you want: 1. Create a powerful message that appeals to your ideal clients This could also be thought of as your Unique Selling Proposition (or USP).   So what exactly is that? Basically it’s the solution you provide presented from your ideal client’s viewpoint. In addition to attracting your ideal clients, you’ll... Read More

Cheshire based civil engineering company task Construction Marketing Experts


During the last six months Terrawise Construction has been busy positioning the business for growth, with the help of outsourced marketing company Construction Marketing Experts. The project involved revitalising the existing brand image, with the launch of a more comprehensive website, demonstrating their core capabilities as a specialist civil engineering company. Work began in... Read More