Top Sources Of New Business In Construction And Related Sectors

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Survey participants from within construction and related sectors chose their top 3 sources of new business from the following options: Our website / Google searches Social media Brochures mailed in the post E-mail marketing Word of mouth Tenders Magazine Advertising Content marketing Editorial coverage of you in trade press Pay-per-click campaigns Other – you choose Using a... Read More

Construction Verdict On Brexit – Optimism vs Pessimism? Which Won?


Just like the Brexit vote itself, our latest snapshot survey on the feelings in the construction sector was just as divided. And the winner, without further ado, is Optimism but only just! Here are the full results: Since June 24th when the result was announced, things have changed quite dramatically. From the resignation of the Prime Minister, and as I write, the appointment of... Read More

Brexit: Stay or Leave? Thoughts from the Construction Industry


Well the results are in from our latest survey of those in construction. Stay or Leave? What’s best for the sector? And why did you choose your answer. On 23rd June, the UK will settle the much debated question; should Great Britain remain within the European Union? Or leave and go it alone? We recently sent out an email asking you to have your say, on behalf of the construction... Read More

Should We Abolish Tenders? Your Votes, Your Story

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Firstly thanks to all those who voted, and especially those who commented. This may not come as a surprise, but the result was a majority vote: 66.7% …of you voted to abolish This vote was cast in the knowledge it’s unlikely to happen. Voters were asked to imagine a world in which alternative perspectives can be examined, and to explain their reasons for their vote. One of... Read More

Corbyn For Construction? Vote Results


Regardless of your political persuasion, Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas have certainly got people talking. Following our survey earlier in the year (Construction: Impact Following The Election – Survey Results), the majority of readers (67.7%) assessed the impact of the Conservative win as “positive” (14% voted “negative”). So we thought it would be interesting... Read More

How Many Hours Does It Take To Prepare A Tender?

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This month’s survey gave us such a wide variety of answers. And to protect the innocent, all comments will remain anonymous! Firstly, one respondent made the point that “Anything from 30mins to several days, it all depends on the project you are quoting.” Now we do understand that and made it clear that there are many variables in tenders. Those that responded however were... Read More

Survey Results – Construction Awards

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The Question: When comparing two or more contractors, would those who are a finalist or winner in a local or national construction or architectural award be looked upon more favourably? The Answer: Yes – 41.2% No – 8.8% No Difference – 44.1% Other – 5.9%   Well the results are in. Without further ado, let’s drill down and explore further. Those In... Read More

Construction’s Most Popular Mobile. The Winner Is…

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Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who took part in the survey, naming which mobile phone they use and how it benefits them workwise. Apple and the iPhone, perhaps unsurprisingly, were the overall winner with 72% of respondents. There was no other significant entrant. There were however some casualties of Apple’s relentless onslaught to market domination. Blackberry represented... Read More

Housebuilding Crisis – Survey Results, The Causes


Your Top 3 Causes Of The Housebuilding Crisis The question to those in construction was: If you could wave a magic wand just 3 times, which 3 causes of the housebuilding crisis would you choose to eradicate? In addition, we asked respondents to rank their choices.     The Results Cause 1st 2nd 3rd Planning permission delays 46.3% 7.3% 2.4% Lack of available land 7.3% 34.1% 0.0% Housebuilders... Read More

Construction: Impact Following The Election – Survey Results

Question: “Following the election result which saw the Conservatives go solo with a majority, how do you assess the immediate prospects for the construction sector?” Just over two-thirds (67.7%) of those polled are in Positive territory following the recent Conservative election victory. 186 from a cross-section of construction companies took part in our recent survey assessing... Read More