Construction: The Communication Crime, Are You Guilty?


Building and maintaining relationships is important in any sector. Construction is no different. In previous surveys, we have confirmed this is certainly the case in construction. Perhaps even moreso than in other sectors. If we maintain relationships, we: – Solidify the bond between ourselves and our clients – Are remembered – important in tender situations for... Read More

Average Tender Win Rates – How Do You Compare? And 12 Ways Of Improving Your Win Rates

Tender Win Rate Chart

Firstly thanks to everyone who anonymously volunteered their numbers in our recent survey. This article gives you the full results, but then goes on to look at what difference it can make when your win rates and margins improve. But more importantly, you will also see outlined 12 areas to look at which can boost your averages. Beforehand though, let’s look at the survey results:                                          The... Read More

Interested In Tender Win Rates

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