Should We Abolish Tenders? Your Votes, Your Story

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Firstly thanks to all those who voted, and especially those who commented. This may not come as a surprise, but the result was a majority vote: 66.7% …of you voted to abolish This vote was cast in the knowledge it’s unlikely to happen. Voters were asked to imagine a world in which alternative perspectives can be examined, and to explain their reasons for their vote. One of... Read More

How Many Hours Does It Take To Prepare A Tender?

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This month’s survey gave us such a wide variety of answers. And to protect the innocent, all comments will remain anonymous! Firstly, one respondent made the point that “Anything from 30mins to several days, it all depends on the project you are quoting.” Now we do understand that and made it clear that there are many variables in tenders. Those that responded however were... Read More

Construction: Curing Your Tender Ills By Preventing Them


You know prevention is better than the cure. You may not bother with check-ups with your doctor. And you may not bother figuring out why you don’t win as many tenders as you deserve. But then, you have to pay the price with a little pain when you lose that tender you really wanted to win, as you watch a key rival walk away with the project. The prevention and the cure is communicating... Read More

4 Tender Winning Tips


In construction, particularly in high value projects or tendering situations, it is all about proving yourself. And in this post, you’ll be given 4 tips on doing just that. You’ll also find out how improving your case studies can be worth millions of pounds of extra work you would not otherwise have won. Research from Nielsen across 58 countries of 29,000 people confirms... Read More

Word Of Mouth In Tenders – How Does Your Voice Sound?


Word of mouth and what your clients say about your last project is so vital in construction, yet so many do so little about it. That’s despite it being the biggest influence on buying decisions according to Nielsen. The transmitter is the problem. It’s like CB radio. When you press the button, you can speak, but you can’t hear what anyone else is saying. And that’s... Read More

Average Tender Win Rates – How Do You Compare? And 12 Ways Of Improving Your Win Rates

Tender Win Rate Chart

Firstly thanks to everyone who anonymously volunteered their numbers in our recent survey. This article gives you the full results, but then goes on to look at what difference it can make when your win rates and margins improve. But more importantly, you will also see outlined 12 areas to look at which can boost your averages. Beforehand though, let’s look at the survey results:                                          The... Read More

Interested In Tender Win Rates

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