Construction: How To Improve Your Website To Win More Business

Having a great website is one thing, but converting visitors is completely another.

A few tips on tweaks to your website can help it capture more visitors, and therefore convert more of them into customers.

But first, consider a spider’s web. If you look at the surface area, the majority of it contains gaps through which their prey can pass. Many sites have huge gaps, while others work hard to grab the attention of the precise clients you want to capture.


The challenge with a website is thinking like the visitors you want to capture. What is the burning question going through their mind when they land on your site?

Can you plug the holes that would lose them as they click on by?

You can’t snag your prey until you know who they are.

And that’s where a “lead magnet” comes into play. A common lead magnet is information. In the form of an article or report they can download and read. All they have to do is give you their name and email address.


“Everything You Needed To Know About Appointing A Builder But Were Afraid To Ask”
“How To Overcome Material Shortages In Construction Projects”
“Construction Skills Shortages – How We Overcame It – 5 Tips On Attracting Skilled Tradespeople”

The article achieves several goals at once:

1) Most importantly, capturing their email address so you can follow it up and potentially get that baton across the line
2) Inform your visitor about a topic both of you are interested in
3) Position you as an expert
4) Demonstrate some of your key strengths

How Do You Go About It?

Firstly, if you’re not an accomplished writer, get an expert copywriter in to produce your article. They can quiz you about your strengths and produce an article which will appeal to your visitors, but also educate you while illustrating what you are great at.

Secondly, automate the process so when they subscribe, they get the information you promised immediately.

And lastly, follow-up. Many of the leading email platforms will capture their email address, send the initial article, but also use “auto-responders” which can send a series of emails at intervals you choose to continue to educate your visitors on industry topics.

It’s like an automatic salesperson, gently building a relationship with your website visitors.

And you can also choose to pick up the phone and call them too. Either immediately to find out if they have any projects in mind, or after they have received one or two more messages

Like A Little Help To Make It Happen?

Why not outsource it and start capturing all those visitors that would otherwise click by? Reply saying “interested” and I’ll call you to discuss.

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