Construction: Vote For Public Relations

CatEgoThere’s a 34.8% chance you will not vote if today’s turnout is anything like 2010. Back then, 15.9 million eligible voters didn’t bother. Put in perspective, only 10.7 million voted for the (almost) winning Conservatives.

Regardless of your views on the merits of voting or abstaining, it is worth considering whether you should have your say. Even Russell Brand did an about turn and urged people to vote.

When it comes to an issue like Public Relations in construction, have you “voted”? In other words, do you apply it, have you specifically decided not to, or have you never really decided either way?

The Mistake People Make When Rejecting PR

Understandably, people who have dipped their toe in the water and seen themselves covered in a respected trade publication often expect the phone to start ringing off the hook with an avalanche of new client enquiries.

While that can occasionally happen, shortly afterwards the disappointed will dismiss PR as a waste of time.

But the coverage lasts way longer than the month of publication. Firstly, what about all those people who read about you, and it planted a seed of recognition – harvested perhaps the next time you submit a tender to them, and you are already in their mind?

And what about seeking permission from the publication to re-produce your very best coverage and include it in your tender submissions?

How You Can Punch At Or Above Your Weight Through PR

Improving recognition of you and your brand can help you climb higher in the minds of your prospective clients. As your business grows, you can consider bigger projects as you match your position in the marketplace with your developing story.

It’s simply a case of starting it. And once you have, your confidence will increase – particularly in tendering when you have a portfolio of articles that have appeared in the press, as well of course as an increased chance it has struck a chord with those considering your bid.

And the very best way to start is to appoint an agency, who know construction and the various sub-sectors, as well as the trade press we would be targeting together. Why not give us a call and find out how you can get started, and how much it costs?


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