Construction: What Farmers Can Teach Us About Strategy

tractor-625802_640Do you fling seeds from the car window in the general direction of the field as you drive by, in a rush to get somewhere else? Then hope in a few months time your crop will flourish?

Or, should you leave the car behind, get in your tractor, plough the field, nourish the soil, carefully plant your seed and then tenderly nurture all the fields on your farm?

I think you can guess which tactic will produce a bumper crop.

Are you a back-of-the-envelope type or a farmer when it comes to marketing strategy in your construction business? Before you even get in the tractor, it’s good to have a plan. Which markets are best? Where are the shortages? Which crops are the most resilient? Have you tested the various seeds before ploughing on?

A strategic approach to your marketing eliminates the guesswork. Rather than hope based upon assumptions, you can know with precise insight. You can have an expert assess your target markets. Speak to stakeholder groups. Carry out mini-surveys to test your markets, or even new markets for you to see if there’s potential before you start ploughing.

A strategic marketing plan is your sat-nav on a journey with a clear destination and advance warning of any roadblocks or congestion. It helps you smoothly move forward knowing the very best way to arrive precisely where you want to go. Why not get a clear road-map from an expert?

Give us a call and we’ll tell you where the bumps will be on the road, and how to get around them. There will be assumptions confirmed, but surprises too as you get a clear insight of your journey.

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