Construction’s Most Popular Mobile. The Winner Is…

Architect On Building Site Using Mobile PhoneFirstly a huge thanks to everyone who took part in the survey, naming which mobile phone they use and how it benefits them workwise.

Apple and the iPhone, perhaps unsurprisingly, were the overall winner with 72% of respondents. There was no other significant entrant. There were however some casualties of Apple’s relentless onslaught to market domination. Blackberry represented just 7% of the rest, which is a huge swing from their former dominant business-user position of only a few years ago.

How Do People Benefit? Well, Not Everyone Does!

Quite rightly, we need a little balance when you ask purely about the benefits of a mobile phone from a work perspective. That’s because not all of you perceive it as such. As one respondent commented: “it doesn’t make life easier it just means you’re always at work.”

“Reports Of The Death Of Email Have Been Greatly Exaggerated”

This is actually a slight paraphrasing of a very famous Mark Twain quote following a mix up with his cousin. But when it comes to email, just like forecasts of the death of postal mail before it, email is still very much essential for daily business communication. Common to virtually all respondents was access to email. Especially on the move for those regularly away from the office and visiting sites.

Photos & Video Sharing

And because a significant number cited the ability to take photos on site, email and perhaps even social media have become the channel through which those photos are shared instantly. Equally, there was mention of the need to take and share videos as an important function of a mobile while on the move between sites.

Construction Applications

There were plenty of examples of construction-specific mobile phone applications which certainly help when you are away from the office. Such as BIMx apps which let you view and “walk-through” a 3-D model of a building project. Very handy to have in your hand at the actual site being built.

Surprisingly – PR & Marketing Tasks

One respondent uses their phone to get instant publicity: “Enables me to get site images onto social media (twitter) to tell a story, raise profile/PR instantly.  Saves having to carry around a big camera.”

Doing (Almost) PC-Equivalent Work

Many of you are using your phone to access documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files on the phone, and even originating or editing them. It seems that people are using Dropbox or Google Drive to collaborate on documents, even on the move as they are now very easily accessible.

I doubt people are writing huge swathes of text or doing advanced design on presentations, but it does appear that when you are on the move, you can get some of the work done that you would have had to leave in times past until you got to the office or back home.


It seems as though the single-function “sat navs” are facing stiff competition, as many of you are using your phone and Google maps as your main form of navigation to sites and clients.


It looks like the mobile phone is now beginning to take the place of the laptop or tablet when mobile. Most of what you did on the laptop can now be done at least at a basic level on your phone. Which is great news for those who get frustrated with battery life, or the delays booting up a laptop.

As one respondent commented: “I am on the go a great deal and pretty much run the business from my phone. It is my main ICT interface, followed by iPad, followed by laptop.”

And What About Actually Calling People?

It’s easy to forget, but a mobile phone is actually for speaking to people too! So another function often neglected is the storage of contacts. But the choices for communicating with them have dramatically increased:

– Phoning them

– Texting them

– Whatsapp’ing them

– Facetiming them

– Skyping them

– Emailing them

– Facebooking them

– Tweeting them

– Snapchatting them


What About Marketing?

Well one respondent does “live” marketing getting significant on-site project news out into the ether as it happens, together with images and perhaps even videos.

And one important thing to remember is the sharing of contacts. Once they are on your phone, are they also shared with colleagues? Are you making sure new contacts you make are included on newsletters? Plugging that gap between the regularly mobile and base operations is vital to ensure you are keeping those contacts connected with you.

If you need any help achieving this, give us a shout. We are expert at combining data scattered around the business into one place, and ensuring all of your contacts receive regular company news through e-newsletters.

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