Survey Results – Construction Awards

Young tradesman holding up a trophyThe Question:

When comparing two or more contractors, would those who are a finalist or winner in a local or national construction or architectural award be looked upon more favourably?

The Answer:

Yes – 41.2%

No – 8.8%

No Difference – 44.1%

Other – 5.9%


Award Survey GraphicWell the results are in. Without further ado, let’s drill down and explore further.

Those In The “Yes” Camp

Straight away, a regional manager from Nottingham drew a comparison saying “People are always using Trip advisor etc.  Recommendation is always the best form of knowing what to expect.”

However, an architect from London quite rightly wondered whether the question was better posed to the end client when he said “But I think this question should be directed at clients as opposed to architects and construction professionals to give the answer more value.”

This was an excellent point. If you re-frame the survey as being from an internal perspective, it is quite clear that with 41.2% thinking it makes a difference, awards are something you cannot ignore.

But when you take the external perspective – i.e. what clients think, then a survey conducted by Shape-the-future demonstrated that of the 400 senior business people who took part, 82% admitted to being influenced by awards when buying products and services for their business (quoted during a presentation at a Federation Of Small Business talk on the importance of awards at Liverpool Loves Business, July 2015).

Those In The “No” Camp

Not many thought it was pointless with only 8.8% choosing no. However, one respondent pointed out that “Simply being an award finalist does not give sufficient information as to how the project was managed, did it come in on budget, how many people were injured etc.”

It’s a great point and does perhaps reflect what some think. However, our experience of submitting proposals gives an alternative perspective.

Virtually all awards ask you to validate and prove how well you have managed past projects, your health and safety record etc as part of your submission. So finalists and winners do have proven credentials.

Those In The “Makes No Difference” Camp

Well just about shaving the biggest slice of the vote, it is clear that many look beyond the awards. As one respondent commented “It’s down to past performance and price.”

It is interesting to note however that many tendering situations have little to choose between bidders when it comes to their pricing and credentials. And with a similar number voting that it does indeed make a difference, it’s worth considering what difference it makes when other criteria create equal bidders.

In other words, in a draw, would the bidder with a finalist or winners award be given the nod?

Those Who Said “Other”

The answers followed a theme of uncertainty, with comments like “Sometimes”.

However one respondent elaborated a little further, commenting: “I suspect in reality the answer would be A but beware ……… look at it from a reverse angle, as a main contractor we have worked with many Architects over the years who have won awards and many many more who haven’t and, when it comes to issuing timely information to enable the works to be built, the average non award winner has been every bit as efficient as the average award winner!”

What Action Should You Take As A Result?

Almost as many people thought awards made a difference. A similar number said it makes no difference. When however you consider the close calls between bidders, is it worth allowing your rivals to be claiming finalist or winner status in awards?

It can certainly tip the balance in your favour. And when you also consider that if you take the external perspective where 82%* of senior decision makers in a separate survey declared it influences their decision when buying, perhaps it is something you should consider.

With an enviable track record of achieving 100% finalist status for our clients, why not engage Construction Marketing Experts to help you boost your awards status?

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