Make Sure You’re Wearing the Marketing Maillot Jaune

The eyes of the world’s sports fans strayed momentarily from Brazil to good old Blighty last weekend as the stars aligned to bring the British Grand Prix, the Wimbledon finals and the Tour de France to England all on the same weekend. Of all of these, the Tour de France was by far the most momentous.  The men’s final at Wimbledon may have been a five set nail biter, but a version of that happens on the same court every year. It was the Tour de France, incongruously transported... Read More

The Secret of Business Failure

In the early stages of working with one of my former clients, the company’s managing director proudly declared to me ‘We are the best kept secret in our sector.’ To him the comment smacked of quality and exclusivity.  To me it demonstrated that there was a big job to be done! This weekend, writing in the Mail on Sunday, the prime minister declared that we must all be less ‘bashful’ about being British and be proud to stand behind our values. While his comments come... Read More