Findus Provides Branding Food for Thought

The cautionary old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ has taken on an unpalatable extra dimension over the past few days.  The 100% Findus beef lasagne that turned out to be almost exclusively made of horse meat illustrated that sometimes you not only get less than you paid for; you may also get more than you bargained for. In many ways, I sympathise with Findus: the company has been let down by its supply chain having seemingly bought the meat as beef in good faith.  The... Read More

Serving a Marketing Ace

It wasn’t just sports fans that were glued to their TV screens when Murray played Federer on the hallowed turf of Wimbledon’s Centre Court last weekend…….the hopes of a nation were at stake and few could resist tuning in to see if they could, at last, be realised. Our collective national pride may have been hurt once again, but one thing that, perversely, was not damaged by his defeat was Andrew Murray’s reputation. Doubtless the fact that it’s in the nature of us... Read More