Why Word of Mouth Marketing Can be Delivered at your Desk

You may have read our previous blog outlining the results of our recent research with construction sector companies, which revealed that 41% of new business leads are generated by word of mouth. Even if you didn’t see the blog or review the research, it’ll probably come as no great surprise.  After all, from restaurants, to cars, to holiday destinations, we’re much more likely to take a recommendation from a friend than believe what it says on the website or in the brochure. The... Read More

CME secures contract with WLS

We have been appointed by West London Security (WLS), a London-based provider of electronic security systems. WLS has selected our team to help it win larger, more profitable projects. The campaign includes a perception audit, creative direct mail, e-shots and support with brand positioning. Based in West Dulwich, London, WLS employs more than 70 staff and offers a wide range of fire and security systems to commercial clients across the London and the South East. The company also... Read More

What’s Success if You Don’t Shout About it?

There may have been few surprises when the ubiquitous Ant & Dec picked up yet another BAFTA this weekend, with the TV pair almost as well known for their awards success as they are for their Geordie accents. It may be nothing new to them but it’s a very important element in their career success. The fact that they are winning awards, year after year, demonstrates that they are at the top of their game.  For their audience the accolades confirm that anything with the Ant... Read More

Is Your Employer Brand Working for You?

After a lean few years in the construction sector, the recent upturn in house building has caused talk to turn to the skills gap again. It’s also generated big political promises, with Labour’s shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds telling a Home Builders Federation (HBF) conference last week that a Labour government would re-introduce rules requiring house builders to recruit and train apprentices on all publicly-funded housing projects. We’ve been here before and... Read More

How Would You Score Your Brand?

World Cup fever has begun in earnest. With less than 100 days to go now until the first kick off, all the teams are gearing up to win. There will be matches to be won or lost between now and then as we warm up for the tournament but the real battle facing the England team is the battle to win the confidence of the nation.  While Paralympics GB is doing well at the games and exceeding expectations, the England football team seems doomed to eternal failure before the players get... Read More

Are You Committing the 10 Deadly Blogging Sins?

The great thing about the Internet is that it’s so limitless.  The potential audience is almost infinite and there’s no cost attached to the space you use, nor do you have to convince an editor that your content is worthwhile. But that doesn’t mean that you should be uploading any old content thrown together without close attention to detail…far from it! The company blog has become one of the most cost effective and time efficient ways of engaging with existing customers,... Read More

If You’re Speaking to the Right People, You Don’t Need to Shout

A client asked me last week what the average response rates are for a direct mail campaign. Hmmmm? That’s a bit like asking about the average rainfall in a British summer – estimates could vary considerably depending who you ask and what their expectations are. According to recent Direct Mail Association (DMA) figures, traditional hard copy mail outs can expect to garner an average response rate of 3-4%, while email campaigns have an impressive open rate of almost 20% with... Read More

Could You be Making it Easier to Win More Business?

One of our clients has a bone to pick with us. After a direct mail campaign designed and delivered by CME, his appointment diary is now full for the next two months and he’s still receiving enquiries. It’s not because he’s invented something radically new or is offering a too-good-to-be-true cut price deal; the secret to this success story lies in one simple but significant factor – target audience. While many direct mail campaigns are expertly targeted to a relevant target... Read More

How to Take the Zzzzzz Out of Your X Factor

So, the wait is over.  We know who has won the X factor for another year and, whether or not you care who got the most votes on the night, it’s clear that the well-worn TV format has an enduring appeal to its target demographic. X Factor’s success over a ten year tenure at the top of the TV ratings is all about understanding the target audience and adapting to fit in with changing tastes. The acts, the judges and the songs are all chosen to reflect the preferences of a popular... Read More

How to Sell When The Customer Wants to Buy

The offer you can’t refuse may be a cliché lifted straight out of the salesman’s toolkit, but the global frenzy of internet shopping that will accompany this week’s ‘Black Friday’ promotions demonstrates that value for money never goes out of fashion. The thorny issue of price has been every marketer’s nemesis over the past few years, with so many purchasing decisions being based on price rather than value, quality or trust. While Black Friday may be a retail gimmick... Read More