Are You Committing the 10 Deadly Blogging Sins?

The great thing about the Internet is that it’s so limitless.  The potential audience is almost infinite and there’s no cost attached to the space you use, nor do you have to convince an editor that your content is worthwhile. But that doesn’t mean that you should be uploading any old content thrown together without close attention to detail…far from it! The company blog has become one of the most cost effective and time efficient ways of engaging with existing customers,... Read More

Don’t Just Change Your Website, Improve It

My local supermarket changed its layout last week.  It’s annoying. I used to know where everything was and this weekend I had to hunt for half the things I needed and gave up on two or three things on the list all together. They did it to keep things fresh.  To make people like me wander down aisles they’d never normally venture into on the off chance that we might be tempted to buy something we never knew we wanted. I know the theory…but I don’t believe it works. If... Read More

Make Knowledge Your Loss Leader

You talk to lots of people in business.  There are those who talk about what they do and those who talk about what they know.  I know which, as a rule, I find more interesting. Discussing topics that enable you to share knowledge is normal social and business etiquette, allowing you to engage with other people and making you more memorable to them.  And yet, so many companies focus their online presence on the ‘About Us’ and ‘Products’ or ‘Projects’ sections of... Read More