Construction: Snail Mail Bounces Back To Prominence – Or Did It Ever Really Die?

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” Mark Twain In the almost insane stampede toward everything online – email, social media, search engine optimisation, websites etc. – a medium we used to rely on has fallen out of fashion. Sending stuff through the post understandably is old hat, especially in business to business marketing as an increasing amount of budget is plunged into everything online. And a lot of that makes perfect sense. It costs less to send... Read More

Is Soft Copy DM Becoming Too Much of a Hard Sell?

There’s a flyer stuck to my fridge with a magnet that must have been there for weeks. It has details of a local handyman and when I needed someone to fix my broken fence this week, there it was, waiting for me to pick up the phone and dial the number. It’s a nice reminder of how small local tradesmen are still in touch with something that big business seems to have largely forgotten: your market might not be ready to buy from you at the point when you first approach them to... Read More