Will Your Event Score Success?

So, the weather looks like it might finally be improving, the economic outlook is almost certainly brighter and we have a fantastic summer of sport to look forward to. All of that says one thing loud and clear to me. Corporate hospitality. For a while, during the recession, the concept of demonstrating how much you value professional relationships by nurturing them on the golf course, at a drinks reception or in a corporate box got a little lost. It’s not that companies no longer... Read More

Top Tips for Planning a Successful Event

After the senior team stand-off at the Lib Dem conference and the big manifesto pledges of the Labour conference, the political conference season will come to an end next week with the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. There’s a big agenda to plough through, with speeches galore and a sacrosanct two hour lunch break on each of the full day sessions. The whole thing will be precision timed, stage managed to perfection and incorporate sufficient opportunities for the... Read More