How to Plan a More Effective Online Strategy

Searching for information online has become such a routine daily activity that the world’s biggest search engine brand has also become a commonplace verb. Anything we need to know is at our fingertips; all we have to do is Google it. And yet some are still unconvinced by online marketing, preferring to see ink on the page rather than views online. Personally, I believe that the tangible, tactile mediums of print advertising, hard copy direct mail and printed brochures have an... Read More

Looking Forward at the Construction Industry

One of the clear messages that came out of our recent Marketing Needs & Trends Survey was that companies have been reluctant to spend because of uncertainty about the pace and stability of economic recovery, with the indicators of the past three months looking positive and the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement due to take place on 4th December, we preview the economic outlook. The ONS announcement at the end of October about increased growth in GDP and a second consecutive quarter... Read More

Do You Have All the Questions?

Life is full of questions. We ask and answer many of them without even realising we’re doing it: ‘what shall I have for breakfast?’, ‘which email should I answer first?’, ‘where did I park the car?’ The problem is, not all questions are quite so easy to answer and often we don’t even know what questions to ask…… or even that questions need asking at all! It’s a phenomenon that’s often very true of marketing implementation. Questions are asked day to day... Read More

Procrastination is the Thief of Time

So……we’re in Q2 already! The weather is finally brightening up, the spring flowers are out and, while we may not be using the ‘green shoots of recovery’ rhetoric these days, it seems we may avoid a triple dip recession after all. The question is, as time marches on, are you letting opportunity after opportunity pass you by? As a nation, we Brits are more cautious than most, and nothing brings out our latent risk averse tendencies more acutely than recession.  The problem... Read More

Join Our Fight Club

While politicians can usually be relied upon to spin anything into a positive message, there was all too little sugar on the pill that George Osbourne asked us all to swallow in the Government’s Autumn Statement last week. The catalogue of cuts and austerity measures that have become familiar was accompanied by some very dour warnings about the dark times ahead and how long they will last. There’s not much that any of us can do about any of that and we don’t need the Chancellor... Read More