CME awarded new contract with specialist construction firm

Gaysha, which manufactures and installs resin surfaces, has selected CME to deliver an integrated marketing campaign to help boost revenue across the domestic and commercial sectors. We will be carrying out research and competitor analysis as well as direct marketing, social media and sales support including telesales. Based in Kent, Gaysha manufactures and installs resin paving and surface dressings for architects and designers, and works across the transport, commercial, residential... Read More

Which Comes First – Content or Channel?

Digital marketing.  Everyone’s doing it, but here’s a question….does everyone know why? Talking to many companies about social media, e-shots, online newsletters, blogging and website development has made it very apparent to me that for some, the answer is no.  Their approach to digital marketing is ‘we have to do it because everyone else is doing it’. Certainly, that’s a compelling reason to invest in digital marketing, but it’s hardly a digital marketing strategy,... Read More

Looking Forward at the Construction Industry

One of the clear messages that came out of our recent Marketing Needs & Trends Survey was that companies have been reluctant to spend because of uncertainty about the pace and stability of economic recovery, with the indicators of the past three months looking positive and the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement due to take place on 4th December, we preview the economic outlook. The ONS announcement at the end of October about increased growth in GDP and a second consecutive quarter... Read More

Time for Change? Planning your marketing campaigns for 2013

There’s a lot to be said for the ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ approach to life. It makes for less, work, less stress and fewer possibilities for making mistakes. The problem is, it also offers fewer possibilities for making things better and achieving more – two key objectives that always sit at the heart of any successful business. As we move into the New Year, now is the time that everyone takes stock of the year we’re leaving behind and what we have to look... Read More

Join Our Fight Club

While politicians can usually be relied upon to spin anything into a positive message, there was all too little sugar on the pill that George Osbourne asked us all to swallow in the Government’s Autumn Statement last week. The catalogue of cuts and austerity measures that have become familiar was accompanied by some very dour warnings about the dark times ahead and how long they will last. There’s not much that any of us can do about any of that and we don’t need the Chancellor... Read More

Developing Your Marketing Strategy: Step One – Understanding What You Don’t Know

There are lots of ingredients that go into making a successful marketing campaign and the recipe will differ depending on the goals, the target audience and the available budget.  One thing that never changes no matter what the brief, however, is the simple act of asking the right questions. Whether it’s a full-blown market research programme to inform your commercial strategy or simply a disciplined approach to eliciting and analysing customer feedback, the ability to ask... Read More