Digital Marketing, Is Your Website Helping You Click with Customers?

While online sales have been saving shoppers from the high street squash for a few years now, this year marks the first sales period where online purchases have outstripped physical sales.  Just one more proof, if any were needed, that researching what we buy and completing transactions online is now routine. This consumer picture is mirrored in the commercial world where a company’s website is its shop window where potential customers expect to be able to find out all about... Read More

Time for Change? Planning your marketing campaigns for 2013

There’s a lot to be said for the ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ approach to life. It makes for less, work, less stress and fewer possibilities for making mistakes. The problem is, it also offers fewer possibilities for making things better and achieving more – two key objectives that always sit at the heart of any successful business. As we move into the New Year, now is the time that everyone takes stock of the year we’re leaving behind and what we have to look... Read More

How to Cure Screen Fatigue

I’m from a generation that cannot live without an internet connection. I don’t just use it to communicate both at home and at work through emails and social networking, I rely on it for shopping and downloading music, I book holidays on the internet, do my banking on the internet and use it as my instant encyclopaedia. Because, like me, the rest of the world has become so accustomed to the virtual world of the online shop front, there is now a tendency to see the company website... Read More