Let Me Put You in the Picture

While the UK looks forward to the start of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow later this week, swimming fans in Birmingham have been fighting to protect a pool that has had somewhat less investment than the Games’ Tollcross International Swimming Centre. More than 100 swimmers posed in the now unused ‘Gala Pool’ at the Grade II* listed Mosely Road Baths in Birmingham, which is due to close next year due to local authority cuts. The resulting images are part protest, part... Read More

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Marketing consultants suffer from the same social challenges as doctors: we often get asked for free and informal advice without the benefit of any of the back story that should inform  the answer. So when I was asked last week ‘What do you think of blogging, is it something we should be doing?’ in theory, I shouldn’t have been able to answer with any clarity. However, when it comes to blogging, there is only one answer…yes! And here’s why:   It’s online content... Read More

Is Your Employer Brand Working for You?

After a lean few years in the construction sector, the recent upturn in house building has caused talk to turn to the skills gap again. It’s also generated big political promises, with Labour’s shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds telling a Home Builders Federation (HBF) conference last week that a Labour government would re-introduce rules requiring house builders to recruit and train apprentices on all publicly-funded housing projects. We’ve been here before and... Read More

Is it the End of the (By)line for PR?

‘PR is dead’, a marketing colleague said to me earlier this week. ‘No-one reads magazines anymore’, he added, ‘and no-one cares what journalists think because they can get all the information they need straight from the horse’s mouth online’. It’s an opinion that I’ve heard before, in one form or another, but rather that causing the death of a key marketing tactic, changes in the way we consume information have actually prompted a renaissance of credible, effective... Read More