CME awarded new contract with specialist construction firm

Gaysha, which manufactures and installs resin surfaces, has selected CME to deliver an integrated marketing campaign to help boost revenue across the domestic and commercial sectors. We will be carrying out research and competitor analysis as well as direct marketing, social media and sales support including telesales. Based in Kent, Gaysha manufactures and installs resin paving and surface dressings for architects and designers, and works across the transport, commercial, residential... Read More

7 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Mind About PR

Understandably, many people in the world of construction scratch their heads when it comes to PR and wonder why they should bother. Even those who have had amazing PR coverage have discovered that the phone doesn’t always create an avalanche of clients wanting to beat a path to your door. Here’s 7 reasons you may not have thought of which explain why you should maybe rethink the whole thing:     The “Who Are You?” Factor. Especially in tendering, doesn’t it... Read More

Five Steps to Successful PR

As the battle to convince Scottish voters to opt for or against independence reaches its crescendo, the masters of spin are masterfully using messaging and counter messaging to win hearts and minds. We might call it spin, but it actually only uses the same PR tactics that companies like yours use to change perceptions of their brands and USPs as part of their marketing programme. However, while the sole aim of the Scottish Referendum spin is to persuade people to vote ‘Yes’... Read More

Are Your Customers Really Interested in Your PR?

It’s been a busy few months for Barack Obama and it seems unlikely that he’s enjoyed much in the way of downtime. However, like all savvy politicians, he’s never one to look a PR gift horse in the mouth, which is why he took time out to visit Stone Henge and pose with locals last week. Amongst the serious business of the terrorist threat and the global economy, visiting an ancient monument and smiling for snaps with a passing family might seem unduly frivolous…but let’s... Read More

Could PR Bring More Talent Into Your Business?

I don’t know about you, but when I walk into a meeting with a client the conversation usually starts with an opener something like, ‘how’s business?’ For the past few years when talking to any kind of contractor in the construction sector, that question has usually been greeted with a heavy sigh and an optimistic comment about how business is out there; it’s just harder to find/win/make a viable margin. Not so anymore. Now, most of the people I speak to tell me that... Read More

Top Tips for Planning a Successful Event

After the senior team stand-off at the Lib Dem conference and the big manifesto pledges of the Labour conference, the political conference season will come to an end next week with the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. There’s a big agenda to plough through, with speeches galore and a sacrosanct two hour lunch break on each of the full day sessions. The whole thing will be precision timed, stage managed to perfection and incorporate sufficient opportunities for the... Read More

PR for PR

An odd thing happened in the world of marketing this weekend.  Usually content to hide behind the scenes and let its creativity do the talking, the PR sector stepped out of the shadows with the inaugural PR National Awareness Day. Designed to coincide with the anniversary of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, a PR coup on the grandest of scales, the appointed day on 27th July may have passed many by in the wake of a new Royal baby, a Spanish rail disaster and fresh atrocities... Read More

Time for Change? Planning your marketing campaigns for 2013

There’s a lot to be said for the ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ approach to life. It makes for less, work, less stress and fewer possibilities for making mistakes. The problem is, it also offers fewer possibilities for making things better and achieving more – two key objectives that always sit at the heart of any successful business. As we move into the New Year, now is the time that everyone takes stock of the year we’re leaving behind and what we have to look... Read More