7 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Mind About PR

Understandably, many people in the world of construction scratch their heads when it comes to PR and wonder why they should bother. Even those who have had amazing PR coverage have discovered that the phone doesn’t always create an avalanche of clients wanting to beat a path to your door. Here’s 7 reasons you may not have thought of which explain why you should maybe rethink the whole thing:     The “Who Are You?” Factor. Especially in tendering, doesn’t it... Read More

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Marketing consultants suffer from the same social challenges as doctors: we often get asked for free and informal advice without the benefit of any of the back story that should inform  the answer. So when I was asked last week ‘What do you think of blogging, is it something we should be doing?’ in theory, I shouldn’t have been able to answer with any clarity. However, when it comes to blogging, there is only one answer…yes! And here’s why:   It’s online content... Read More

Direct Marketing: Make One Change

People often don’t like change.  But change can be good.  Without it we don’t learn, we don’t move forward and we don’t improve. This week, as the country begins its first full working week of the year, I think everyone should challenge themselves to make one change in the way they do things.  Whether it’s something small like getting into work ten minutes earlier so that you can de-clutter your in box before the phone starts to ring, or something more significant... Read More

Do You Have All the Questions?

Life is full of questions. We ask and answer many of them without even realising we’re doing it: ‘what shall I have for breakfast?’, ‘which email should I answer first?’, ‘where did I park the car?’ The problem is, not all questions are quite so easy to answer and often we don’t even know what questions to ask…… or even that questions need asking at all! It’s a phenomenon that’s often very true of marketing implementation. Questions are asked day to day... Read More

What is PR for the Online Era?

The deadline for entries for the prestigious PR Week Awards came and went last week, largely unnoticed by the general public but accompanied, no doubt, by a last minute panic to collate entry forms by PR agencies up and down the country. The Awards showcase the most creative and innovative use of a marketing discipline that many – even in the marketing business – still don’t thoroughly understand.  And with good reason. PR stands for ‘public relations’ which, in itself,... Read More